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My skills include a rather unique blend of creative expression and critical thinking. The first evidence of this is my educational background; an M.B.A. from the University of Louisville School of Business, which followed a Bachelor of Arts from the well respected Western Kentucky University Broadcasting program.

For the last 20 years, I have honed my creative and technical skills while working in both broadcast and corporate environments, for some of the television industry’s most recognizable names and corporate America’s most trusted brands:

client logos
  ABC News   ESPN   Breeders Cup   Brown & Williamson    
  CBS News   PBS   Chevron   CourtTV    
  NBC News   MTV   Ford   Discovery Channel    
  Fox News   VH1   Budweiser   Outback    
  CNN   Oprah   Dr. Phil   Pizza Hut    
  UPS   E!   KFC   Microsoft    
  Papa Johns   Humana   ResCare   US Census Bureau    
I’ve seen media production change significantly in the past few years. The “big fish” production companies seem to be struggling to survive these days. So, I’ve taken an alternate route... a smaller, independent path. It’s been a choice that allows me to use my skills to help meet my client’s ever-changing needs, while still providing excellent service along the way.
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