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mark crowner, nicaragua
Managua, Nicaragua
Located near the city landfill, these shanties are home to thousands of Nicaragua's poor. Some have neither electricity or running water. I documented Hand in Hand Ministries volunteers building a new home for a family on this street.
mark crowner, nicaragua school
Schoolchildren in Managua, Nicaragua
Hand in Hand Ministries' Pathway to Change program is giving poor children access to a quality education. They believe education is the single most powerful weapon against poverty.
mark crowner, hand in hand ministries
Hand in Hand Minstries volunteers
These volunteers call it an "immersion trip", not a mission trip. The idea is to not leave the experience behind once they have returned to the States. Rather, it is to make "giving back" part of their daily lives.
mark crowner, nicaragua
Managua, Nicaragua
I've since retired this HDV Canon camera and now travel with the C300 and 5D, especially on foreign trips.
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