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"A History of Kentucky in 25 Objects"

Client: Kentucky Educational Television network

Credit: DP, Editor, & Motion Grx

Awards: 2015 Bronze Telly

This one-hour program is dedicated to the proposition that history does not have to be frozen in the words of a textbook. Producer/Script Writer Barry Bernson (who won an Emmy for writing this piece) collaborated with long-form documentary veteran Mark Crowner to create "A History of Kentucky in 25 Objects". The project focuses on telling history through things; television is the perfect medium for that telling. Some of these signals from the past seem merely interesting curiosities; some represent fundamental changes in the life of Kentuckians. But all have impacted our lives in important ways; some have impacted the entire world. Twenty-five things: each a monument to our endless curiosity about the Kentucky in which we live, and to our need to explore and try to understand it. Of course, this can only ever be “a” history of Kentucky, not “the” history.


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