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In an industry filled with new acquisition formats appearing almost monthly,how does one decide on which cameras to invest in nowadays?

Simple. The ones that your clients are asking for.

I've upgraded my camera packages to include Super 35 sensors for the shallow depth-of-field look that so many of today's projects require. In addition to my XDCAM and P2 ENG workhorses, I can now offer clients a choice of two popular large sensor cameras. And, of course, I own these camera packages. So no need to worry about your DP being unfamilair with his equipment or workflow.

Follow the links below to see which of our cameras fits your needs.

  Sony PXW-FS7      

The Sony FS7 is quickly becoming the most popular camera amongst corporate clients. It's Super 35 sensor provides the shallow depth-of-field look you desire, while it's ergonomic design provides an ENG-style ease-of-use. It's really the first large sensor camera I've felt comfortable with in run-n-gun scenarios. All while having a variety of high quality codecs, including the same 113 Mbps XAVC-I recording as Sony's high-end F55, the well-accepted MPEG HD 422 (same as the F800), and Apple ProRes.

For more details about the Sony FS7, click here.

  Sony FS7  
  Canon EOS C300      

The C300 leaped into a broadcast marketplace that was desperate to have the benefits of the wildly popular Canon 5D, without the shortcomings of using a DSLR to shoot serious video. Although it still required a tremendous amount of third-party hardware to make it a functional shoulder-mount camera, Canon succeeded in providing us professionals with a Super 35 sensor, a robust 50 Mbps 4:2:2 codec, HD-SDI outputs, and XLR audio inputs. Now that my C300 is tricked out with a Zacuto EVF and recoil support, it's full potential as a cinema-quality acquisition tool has been realized.

For more details about the Canon C300, click here.

  Canon C300  
  Sony XDCAM HD 422 PDW-700      

The Sony PDW-700, and its twin-brother the F800, has proven to be an industry workhorse, providing a variety of HD formats and frame rates in a form factor that is familiar to us pros. If you have watched CBS' 60 Minutes, Survivor, or Sunday Morning, you have seen this camera in action. The XDCAM optical disc technology is a robust, field-proven format with significant advantages for recording and archiving.

For more details about the PDW-700, click here.

  Sony pdw-700  
  Panasonic P2 HD 422 AJ-HPX3000G      

The Panasonic HPX3000G also offers a fantastic combination of HD and SD codecs and frame rates in a rugged, shoulder-mount body. No hunting for menu settings using buttons made for pre-schoolers. This is a tool built for professional shooters. With five cards slots and high-quality Canon optics, it's still a top choice for broadcast and corporate clients alike.

For more details about the HPX-3000G, click here.

  Panasonic hpx-3000g  

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