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mark crowner, hungary, lake balaton
Lake Balaton, Hungary
While traveling in Hungary for a project for the national offices of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
mark crowner, c300
Canon C300
Here's the way I've rigged my C300 for foreign assignments, including 2 channel wireless using the Lectrosonic SRb.
mark crowner, hungary, abbey, tihany
The Abbey at Tihany
The Abbey on the Tihany Penninsula is a Benedictine monastery and dates back to 1055. The a small tourist village now surrounds the Baroque era buildings today.
mark crowner, think tank bag
Think Tank Bag
I love this carry-on case for travel with the C300 and 5D. Although I think I need to buy the International version. The European airlines have a slightly smaller carry-on size limit.
mark crowner, budapest, parliment building
Parliment Building, Budapest
Budapest, the Hungarian capital, has incredible architecture.
mark crowner, hungary, lake balaton
Lake Balaton at Tahiny Peninsula
Lake Balaton is a giant freshwater lake and a highly popular tourist destination in Central Europe. It's just a 2 hour train ride from downtown Budapest.
mark crowner, budapest, danube
The Danube
If you are ever in Budapest, don't miss an opportunity to take an evening Danube cruise. Budapest does a wonderful job of illuminating their architecture and there is no better way to see it than on the river that bisects the city.
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